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I still dream dreams of playing again.....

What do I remember?.....the laughing, the fun
The long weeks wait for Saturday to come
Optimistic and happy….. Being nineteen
Our theatre of dreams... down at Cove Green

Getting there early... to set up the ground
John’s money bag….. “it’ll cost you a pound”
In our new kit... standing so proud
Even though there’s seldom a crowd

Dave and me standing... tall at the back
Tommy up front... to lead the attack
Here comes the ball…… in I slide
Win the ball back…… knock it out wide

Ogie wants the ball hit over the top
All of us running until we drop
Trev traps the ball… on the ground ….with his head
How did he never finish up dead?

In his red tracksuit... Trout runs the line
Nick puffs a roll up during half time
For the team we give both heart and soul
To be the best was always our goal

Remember when I got that header all wrong
The ball was kicked up…. high and long
Hit my nose when returning from space
Bursting a huge spot all over my face

My mates all laugh… to the ground they fall
The game is stopped…. to wipe off the ball
What an impact!….it knocks me flat
Surely you can’t buy memories like that?

Off to away games in a convoy of cars
All telling jokes and comparing our scars
Cold changing rooms and dirty showers
Caked in mud and laughing for hours

Losing my head when I win the game
“I did it, I did it” …..I wildly exclaim
I run down the pitch….. a man possessed
In football memories ….that is the best

Negative voting on the Executive Committee
A fund raising idea put forward by Micky
Guess how many smarties are in the jar
That’s the best idea he’s had so far!

Yeah Mick… that’ll bring in £2.50!!

Always we strive to get much better
Council trouble? John sends a letter
Want a new player? John will persuade
He never gives up... a one man crusade

Players moved regularly between the teams
Chasing trophies or glory it seems
But I’ve no regrets cause nothing relates
to playing football with all of your mates

Training so hard... we’re young and fit
Even took turns in washing the kit
We were having the time of our lives
But then we grew up… got kids…. got wives

That time was gone… never to return
But even now, for those days I yearn
Inside my head, I am sharp and nifty
But the bloke in the mirror is almost fifty!

The fire deep inside will always remain
I still dream dreams of playing again
“It’s the Covies …at Cove Green … he heads….he shoots”
Hey……I’m off to the garage to find my boots!!!!

Just some personal memories of my long lost playing days

Oh how I miss them........


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