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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
01 Sep    Crispin Thomas   First Of The Season Welcome Foam
01 Sep    Gary Oliver   Deadline Day 'Drama'
01 Sep    kevin raymond   WOW!
01 Sep    Trent Morris   The Honeymoon's Over
31 Aug    Sharon C. Marshall   Message to all Football Poets~Football4Peace Event
29 Aug    Gary Oliver   'Transfer Deadline Day'
28 Aug    kevin halls   Football Poets
25 Aug    Clik the mouse   Lord Attenborough CBE, RIP
24 Aug    Denys E. W. Jones   Ticket Prices
21 Aug    kevin halls   Coventry Are Going Back Home !
20 Aug    Clik the mouse   JAG, R.I.P.
18 Aug    Crispin Thomas   He's Still The King (Revisited) J.A.G RIP
18 Aug    SB Ingle   James Alexander Gordon (Revisited) RIP
18 Aug    Emdad Rahman   The Voice - J. A. Gordon (Revisited) RIP
16 Aug    Nelson Fc Football Poetry   We Go Again
15 Aug    Clik the mouse   Seminal simile season
14 Aug    Gary Oliver   The 'Greatest League In The World'
14 Aug    Trent Morris   Mimosa
13 Aug    Nelson Fc Football Poetry   If Messi Played for Burnley Fc
13 Aug    Nelson Fc Football Poetry   The Football Child

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