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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
18 Oct    Trent Morris   I Go To The Ground
18 Oct    Alan McKean   Georgie
17 Oct    Crispin Thomas   Belfast's Favourite Son~George Best haiku
16 Oct    E Power   A Bone of Contention
16 Oct    Crispin Thomas   When The Fan Was King
15 Oct    Alex Saynor   North Sea Island Pitches
14 Oct    Kevin Brown   When Saturday Comes
13 Oct    Trent Morris   The Professional
12 Oct    Gacina Bozidar   Old Fan and the Sea
10 Oct    Trent Morris   I'll Play On
10 Oct    Trent Morris   Don't Kill The Move
10 Oct    Gary Oliver   A 39th Step Too Far
09 Oct    Eddie Gibbons   Double Bill
08 Oct    Ravi Teja Mandapaka   Tribute to Paul Scholes
08 Oct    Graham Salter   Anthem for the League One Dreamers
07 Oct    kevin halls   Coventry City Football Club
07 Oct    kevin halls   Crispin in the Library
07 Oct    kevin raymond   Bragging Rights! (Read All About It!)
06 Oct    Coventry Library Audience   Football In Our Life one-liners
05 Oct    kevin raymond   Flares

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