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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
27 Aug    Sharon Jones   The Final Whistle
27 Aug    Sharon Jones   The Man In The Middle or the Muddle
26 Aug    Carol Ann Wood   Closing In
25 Aug    Sharon Jones   Immortal Football
25 Aug    Sharon Jones   The day Jesus made the bench for Liverpool Fc
25 Aug    kevin raymond   I Confess
24 Aug    Alex Saynor   Beneath the East Stand
24 Aug    Apollo Gees   what fore(d)?
24 Aug    kevin raymond   Enough Already. (Again!)
24 Aug    Sharon Jones   Going To The Game
24 Aug    Sharon Jones   Football Literacy
24 Aug    Sharon Jones   The Gaza strip
23 Aug    Maureen Yeo   p haiku
23 Aug    David Foulkes   80's Revisited.
23 Aug    Khadim Hussain   Boro’s Season
21 Aug    Sharon Jones   The World Cup 1930-2002
21 Aug    Sharon Jones   History Boys
21 Aug    Khadim Hussain   Premiership Football
20 Aug    Sharon Jones   Night Game 442
20 Aug    Sharon Jones   Football: The People's Game

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