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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
22 Apr    kevin halls   Bitten Fingernails and Sweaty Brows
21 Apr    Alan McKean   Return
21 Apr    john oliver   Ashley buys Liverpool F.C.
21 Apr    Eddie Gibbons   Ritual
21 Apr    Eddie Gibbons   Football Matters
20 Apr    Emdad Rahman   Sterling rocks Jarrold stand
20 Apr    Luke Innes   Men In Suits At The Football
20 Apr    P Maguire   Make us Dream
20 Apr    Mike McSweeney   Brasil '14
20 Apr    P Maguire   Liverpool Rising
20 Apr    kevin raymond   A Quiet (sic) Unbelievable Performance.
20 Apr    Gacina Bozidar   Communion of the Players
20 Apr    P Maguire   Love Restored
19 Apr    P Maguire   We Go Again
19 Apr    Eddie Gibbons   What We Do
19 Apr    Eddie Gibbons   The Alaves Shirt
17 Apr    S B Ingle   Buy Buy
17 Apr    P Maguire   Luis Suarez
17 Apr    P Maguire   A Liverpool Love Story (2014)
16 Apr    Trent Morris   The Old Lion

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