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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
26 Jan    jim dolbear   F-A Cup 4th Round.(haikus)
26 Jan    kevin halls   F,A,Cup Fourth Round
25 Jan    Gacina Bozidar   Stateless or Clubless
25 Jan    Gacina Bozidar   Everton VHS video and this day
24 Jan    ap staunton   This Cup is Our Cup ! (with a nod to Woody Guthrie)
24 Jan    ap staunton   Happy Birthday Bill (1907-1980 )
24 Jan    Crispin Thomas   Footballers With Beards
23 Jan    Gary Oliver   No silver just gold
22 Jan    Khadim Hussain   Itís over!
22 Jan    jim dolbear   Minnie and Mickey at the ground.(Haiku)
22 Jan    Simon Caplan   The Only Living Tractor Boy in Wales
22 Jan    Simon Caplan   This Gooner Ain't Flying Emirates
21 Jan    Trent Morris   Spanish Broadcasts
21 Jan    ap staunton   Anus Mirallas ( We have to talk about Kevin )
21 Jan    David Quinton   One of our own
20 Jan    Crispin Thomas   Cup of Nations haiku
19 Jan    Dave Ash   Molineux Pride.
19 Jan    kevin raymond   J.P on The Arsenal v City.
19 Jan    Bradford Middleton   Evening Kick Off On Cold Blow Lane
19 Jan    kevin raymond   0-0

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