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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
21 Nov    Khadim Hussain   Who Was Gibsonís Best Manager?
18 Nov    mark merriman   The Good Old Days!
17 Nov    Trent Morris   Memo to England
17 Nov    Stuart Butler   Football In The Trenches (Thankfully Revisited)
17 Nov    Stuart Butler   The Sainsbury's Advertisement
14 Nov    Crispin Thomas   One Christmas In The Trenches (but not for Sainsbury)
14 Nov    Crispin Thomas   One Christmas Truce in the Supermaket
14 Nov    Dulwich Poet   Fields of Red
14 Nov    Stuart Butler   The 1914 Truce in Context
14 Nov    Stuart Butler   Live and Let Live
14 Nov    Graham Salter   On looking into Puskas' autobiography
13 Nov    Trent Morris   Philea
11 Nov    Clik the mouse   Bees haiku
11 Nov    kevin halls   Worcester Sauce-Haiku
11 Nov    Clik the mouse   Wayne Wordsworth
10 Nov    Crispin Thomas   A Cup of Spice n' Sauce haiku
08 Nov    David Sanderson   Lament for a fellow fan
08 Nov    Crispin Thomas   Cheer Up Sean Reid
08 Nov    E Power   Warrington
08 Nov    Khadim Hussain   Boro Haiku

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