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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
30 Jul    Trent Morris   He Had Worked Quite Enough For One Day
25 Jul    John Oliver   Our hearts go with you.
25 Jul    P Maguire   The Gaza Strip
24 Jul    Alex Saynor   A Combine Harvester with Lawrie Sanchez
22 Jul    Trent Morris   OFB
22 Jul    Peter Goulding   Finn Harps away
21 Jul    Mike Bartram   The Corruption Team
16 Jul    Brian Kirk   The Demiurge, for Luis Suarez
15 Jul    kevin halls   Football's Clever Inventions
15 Jul    jer holland   Bye Bye Rio
15 Jul    World Cup Willie   WC2014 : Epilogue
14 Jul    World Cup Willie   WC2014 : Day 32 : The Final
14 Jul    World Cup Willie   WC2014 : Day 31
14 Jul    Trent Morris   Summer Bites
14 Jul    Trent Morris   Stained Glass Transfer Window
14 Jul    Trent Morris   Older Brother
14 Jul    Trent Morris   Waive The Exit Fee
14 Jul    Peter Goulding   WC2014 Epilogue
14 Jul    Henri Astier   Elegy in a Brazilian stadium
14 Jul    kevin halls   Goodbye Brazil--haiku

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