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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
23 Sep    Trent Morris   Rivalry (haiku)
23 Sep    Klee,Shay   Frankie, my dear
22 Sep    kevin raymond   Forgiven.
22 Sep    Ianthe Exall   The Greatest of them All
20 Sep    Peter Goulding   End of season prayer
19 Sep    Trent Morris   The Hunter
19 Sep    E Power   The Forgotten
19 Sep    S B Ingle   The Match
19 Sep    Mike Bartram   The Winter Call
17 Sep    Trent Morris   Will My Great-Grandkids Play Football?
14 Sep    Trent Morris   Come And Play Football With Me
14 Sep    Mike Bartram   In Those Days
12 Sep    Trent Morris   Steven Naismith
11 Sep    kevin halls   What a Party !
11 Sep    Clik the mouse   Jumpers from goalposts
10 Sep    Clik the mouse   not anonymous, when you're eponymous!
09 Sep    Crispin Thomas   Who Was Roy The Legend at 60 ? A new look.
09 Sep    Crispin Thomas   England Warning: May Contain Hope
06 Sep    Alison Down   This is not just poetry...
05 Sep    Clik the mouse   Breaking News from Huddersfield!

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