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Date: Poet: Title: (click on a title to read it)
29 Apr    Ianthe Exall   To Score or Not To Score, in a Little Hamlet.
27 Apr    Mike Bartram   Our greatest Victory of All
27 Apr    Mike Bartram   Rainbow
27 Apr    Richard Tipping   Justice?
26 Apr    Mike Bartram   The Wait Now Over
26 Apr    Crispin Thomas   Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer Buy ~ Revisited
25 Apr    The Slangtastic Sr Fox   NOT a Greek tragedy
24 Apr    Jeremy Smith   Sonnet to Norwich City
22 Apr    Clik the mouse   Still dreaming / How on earth?
22 Apr    Kevin Halls   The Diver
22 Apr    Stuart Butler   Swapping Shirts with Shakespeare
21 Apr    Andrew Harris   Layer Road, 1971
20 Apr    kevin raymond   Up The Villa!
19 Apr    Clik the mouse   Sold a dummy
17 Apr    kevin raymond   Bitter? Nah. Not Really.
16 Apr    Mike Bartram   96 White Doves
15 Apr    Mike Bartram   The Toll
15 Apr    Mike Bartram   End of An Era
15 Apr    Mike Bartram   27 Years To The Day
15 Apr    Emdad Rahman   Europa League pandemonium at Anfield

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