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(McAlpine Stadium: Nov. fith)

Analysing a match can be tricky in rhyme,
Maintaining your meter, retaining the time,
But when witnessing finishes so sublime
Not to write about it would be almost a crime.
Chris Beech's goal which broke Town's duck:
Swindon could claim had a touch of luck.
'Twas a strike that their 'keeper was bound to despise
With the November sun glaring into his eyes.
But the trio that followed were delightful to see.
Every Town fan was impressed with all three.
First, a piece of Pele-type first-touch control
By Ben, then a magical finish on goal.
2-0, and Town were patently cruising.
At half-time we're thinking: 'There's no way we're losing,'
'Cause no way would Swindon ever have scored -
I felt sorry for Nico: he must've been bored.
Right on cue, up steps Dean to set minds at rest
With a couple of volleys - a brace of the best.
His runs from midfield were such potent advances
But, spare a thought for who set up both chances.
A superb run out wide, a great cross from the left,
Tucked away with an 'outstep', so incredibly deft,
Then Clyde's perfect flick on for Dean's perfect run
And a finish that showed scoring goals can be fun.
Three volleys that counted all in one game:
I can't ever remember seeing the same.
When Town got the ball forward, they have so many runners
They should worry the Dons, maybe even the Gunners.

Graham Shaw 8.11.99

Brian Ferry, The Eagles, REM and Beautiful South have all played concerts at the McAlpine in rencet years - hence "The Three Volleys"


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