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It feels like and age since April
And, despite the Euro fling,
I could hardly wait for today to arrive
'Cause you cannot beat the real thing.

How Town didn't reach the play-offs
Remains something of a mystery,
But forget the end of last season.
Treat it as ancient history.

Town've embarked on an uphill climb
And come a long way in a very short time.
If you don't think they've come a long way,
You must believe Rome was built in a day.

So don't give up yet on your Premiership Dream;
Takes ages to build a successful team.
Patience is crucial, patientce is vital.
It took Fergie years to win Man. U. the title.

So, two final messages for every Town fan:
Don't forget that there's a lng term plan,
And today, do your best to help Town score.
Please, please, please, ROAR, ROAR, ROAR!

Graham Shaw - July 2000

For the Watford game on Aug 12th.

The Hollies are an inspiration of mine,
"Here I Go Again" has a middle eight that begins:

"Makin' the same mistakes,
Headin' for more heartbreaks." Whoops!!

(Thanks to thinking Town fan Robert Bates)


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