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A Faithful Twist in the Tale.

Go to any boozer
near any football ground
Where Town are due to play a match
And you'll hear the same old sound -
A Town supporter moaning:
'We're just not good enough
And we never win at Portsmouth.
I tell you we'll get stuffed,'
One such fan is Billy
Who travels far and wide
and shells out half his income
to support his local side.
Just before the Worthington
trip to Goodison Park,
He said, 'We'll only win tonight,
If we're playin ' 'em in t' dark.'
His mate, Don, therefore asked him,
'So you won't be at the game?'
'Oh, 1 know we'll lose,' said Billy,
'But I'll be there just the same,'
'You're certain they'll get beat,' said Don,
'Unless the floodlights fail.
I can't see why you're going
If you know they won't prevail.'
'I know they'll lose ' said Billy,
But I'll still enjoy the fun.
I've a tenner on with William Hill's
That Town'll win 3 - 1 !!!

Graham Hill - Hudderfield


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