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An Impassioned Plea
(from a Lyrical Insomniac to Town's Squad
for This Evening's Encounter)

On,your day you're the most entertaining side
In the Nationwide First Division
I've seen some incredible finishing
And you've passed with tremendous precision.

You've shown us some top-class defending,
From the goal-line, down the centre, on the flanks;
In midfield you've displayed creativity
While exhibiting you know when to close ranks.

You've given us nerve-wracking excitement
Keeping us on the edge of our seats
Against teams with play-off aspirations,
Dragging victories from the jaws of defeats.

We all knew from the start of the season
That, at some stage, things would get tight,
But I reckon that you've got the stomach
For what could be one hell of a fight.

Despite a few blips since last Christmas,
The play-offs are still well in sight,
So get out there, give Forest a lesson.
I'll sleep well on three points tonight.

Graham Shaw - 13.3.00


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