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If I had to support a team, it would be Jamaica.
I want to see their kit and I want to know more
about racism against people who are black or brown.

I don't really like it when people shout at me because of the colour of me,
but I know that I am proud of my colour.
I am glad of my colour.

My mum is always telling me about the people who fought for us
like Obadiah Equiano and people like that.
White people went to Africa to bring back slaves
and they used to whip us.

But then the law said that we were all the same
and that we will never fight again.
That is called peace and now there is hardly anybody fighting us anymore.

I learnt in R.S. that we are all one before God
and I think that we should like Him for it and love Him lots and lots.
We should read the Bible every Sunday and learn a piece or try to learn.

Reuben Ellis.


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